Building Neighbourhoods is a celebration of 'Neighbours Day' and a contact point to reach people in a fun, cheeky way. The target audience we choose to focus on is students and young professionals, flatters who sign year leases and do not usually take the time to meet their neighbours. We wanted to create a cheeky and humorous approach to our trans media project. We did this by using parody, homage and subversion mimicking the Bunnings Warehouse store/campaign. Our posters use tool puns and sexual innuendos which is translated through our project as a whole, this catches the viewer's eye and gets them interested in what its about. People would see our media and want to create their own event. By going to the website then downloading the flyer and tool kit they would be able to do this. The flyer would then be posted in neighbours mail boxes thus inviting them to the party, at the event guests will be given the tool kit and then be prepared for an emergency.  
Building Neighbourhoods Website and Tool Kit.

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