The Cathaaran are an insectoid race from MLK 581 G a planet far away from earth. With the use of a distress beacon fired from a crash landed ship that they looted, the Catharaan found that they could lure ships to their planet with the intention of looting them. Their whole existence changed from that point, they became obsessed with technology that could harness the strange crystals of their planet as a source of power. Before they thought the crystals were a source of mystical energy. After a while they were able to harness them, creating their own tech from salvaged parts. With the aid of the Drahaga, the giant domesticated centepede like beast they traverse the caves of their planet with ease and can ambush visiting aliens, there to investigate the distress beacon. 
To illustrate this we decided to make a snapshot of the planets environment, this includes a sculpture and the environment that surrounds it. 
This was a group project of three. 
MLK 581 G Planet creation process.

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