NZSO Advertisment
Brief: Persuading young people to go to the orchestra
Client: NZSO
The client needs more people in the ‘young adult’ demographic to attend their shows. We want to show our target audience (16-28 year olds) that more young people listen to classical music than you might think. We want to get rid of the stigma that orchestra is only for old people. Classical music can be inspiring and there are songs/symphonies for every personality. NZSO’s vision is “Providing world class musical experiences that inspire all New Zealanders.” We want our advertisement to demonstrate that attending a show is the best way to experience classical music. The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra strives to be innovative, creative, and artistically imaginative, which we portray through our use of motion graphics.

We are providing a positive argument to attend an NZSO performance through the use of persuasive techniques such as; ’Promised Land’ - purchase tickets to this experience and follow “us” (the actors in the film) to the promised land, ‘Social Proof’ - people have an innate drive to copy others’ decisions and behaviours, especially if it looks attractive, and ‘Fleeting Attraction’ - feelings of similarity between a messenger (our actors) and the viewer.

The role of this contact is to show the target audience how exciting, fun, and inspiring attending an NZSO performance can be, so they therefore go and buy tickets to a show. Our ad stands out as it is playful and there is always something interesting happening on screen so the audience doesn’t switch off. Our advertisement would be shown in cinemas at the start of movies, in flights on the announcement screens, and would also be circulated on Facebook. These contexts mean that the viewer cannot avoid watching the whole video which we have taken advantage of as our ad doesn’t have an initial 3 second hook; the ad has to be viewed as a whole story to be truly understood. We also imagine that our advertisement would work great as a kiosk in the Cuba St pedestrian area (where the live action was primarily filmed). Viewers would be able to watch the video and then interact with the kiosk to find out about NZSO show dates, buy tickets, share on social media etc. As part of this campaign there would be print material such as posters and flyers in the same style as the ad to support and promote the message.

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